Still going!


I thought I’d write some more updates along the way but unfortunately we seem to be largely out in no-cell phone coverage land.  How do people in New Hampshire check their Facebook?

We’re still going strong, though, but very much looking forward to some post-race beer.  We’re currently in Sandown, NH – 40 or so miles from Hampton Beach – close enough to almost taste the beer!


So close

Wowza!  We hit our goal already!  You guys are the bestest.  We shot for $7000, and we are blowing it away at over $13,000 at my last check.  Maybe we’ve got a shot at fully doubling our goal and getting to 14k!  Every bit of this money is going to UMASS Cancer Center research, so know that every donation, whether it be $5, $25, or even more, is directly going to help cancer research.  If you haven’t already, please consider making a donation to this cause.  The race starts tomorrow, but we’ll still accept donations for another few weeks at least before we present our check to UMASS.

Summer training has been tough, but our team is READY to get this started tomorrow bright and early!  Any and all support that comes in is a huge boost and helps remind us why this is so important.  Thanks again for all your help!

-Run Like an Antelope team

(Alex, Jessica, Joe, John, Melissa, Mikey, Neil, Robert, Rusty, Sarah, Tim, Vicki)